Why did we create Wave Edibles?

We love fresh hand crafted sweet surprises with intriguing flavor combinations.  Our inspiration is all about hand dipped small batch  confections with attention to detail that delight the palate.  

Our goal is to be the leader in artisan chocolates and confections in the micro-dosing cannabis industry. 

Our Mantra:

Proper Dosing

Consistent with no surprises to create the

same experience each time.

Green - 3.33 mg

Yellow - 5 mg

Red - 10 mg


Quality testing & control with labs such as Analytical 360.  All of our products are triple tested for assurance.



An alternative to smoking marijuana – many customers choose not to smoke and edibles and topicals are an excellent alternative




Color coding the products makes it easy for people to understand the dosing.  Leading to a safer, more pleasant edibles experience.


“Negativity isn’t the way to go, smile more, eat some chocolate.

~Ed Sheeran

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