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“Research tells us 14 out of any 10 individuals likes chocolate”  

~Sandra Boynton

Below are a number of good resources available to help you find answers to your questions and to also learn how the cannabis industry is continuing to grow and be studied. This is a very quickly evolving and exciting time and we hope the information below is useful to you.
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Cannibinoid Health Benefits

Click here to learn about some of the health benefits of Cannabinoids.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do people choose a cannabis infused edible?
    There are many reasons why edibles may be preferable besides other methods of cannabis consumption. Sometimes people are looking for a discreet, healthier options or they may be looking for longer, more sustained effects being able to micro-dose throughout the day.
  • Where can I find Wave Products?
    Our products are available at fine cannabis State dispensaries throughout Washington State. View a list of our store locations here.
  • How do I know how much cannabis is in my edible?
    THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that's responsible for many of its physiological effects. CBD is the Non physiological part of Cannabis. Our products range from 3.3MG to 10 MG THC. We batch test so you can have a consistent experience that is active. You can also see the results of our testing on the Labs and Dosing page.
  • How do I know which product will work for me?
    We’re taking the guesswork out of edibles. Every Wave product clearly displays activated THC and CBD content in milligrams, this helps with dosing. Wave’s confectioner is committed to dosing precise amounts of THC/CBD consistently and then testing to make sure every time it’s on point each time. This gives customers the information they need to make an educated decision to determine which dosage works best for them. Tolerance levels are different from person to person so it’s important that you start small and learn how your body handles THC consumption before working your way to something stronger. We have a color coding system to help the consumer 3.3Mg green 5Mg yellow 10 Mg Red.
  • I have food allergies and dietary restrictions can I still enjoy Wave products?
    Wave products are produced on shared equipment that may contain milk, soy or traces of nuts. Please check the packaging in order to determine if our products make sense for your particular restrictions. All our chocolate products are gluten-free.
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