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Lab Results & Dosing

Wave prides itself on creating the best quality products. In order to drive this we triple test for quality for all of our products. Below you will find the current results of the testing. 
Several areas are highlighted on the test results to help you navigate.
Lab Results
We believe in quality testing which includes a minimum of 3 rounds of testing:


Cannabis oil is potency and pesticide tested


Cannabis compound (made from the oil) is tested 


End product is tested for potency per batch

Two recommended areas to review on lab test results:


1. Potency – understanding activated aka decarboxylated potency​

  • End product potency is very dependent on the manufacturing process.


  • Testing provides visibility into how much THC and/or CBD is in a given batch.

  • IMPORTANT the activated (aka decarboxylated) total:  If the THC or CBD total is LESS than the activated total your piece will be less effective/potent.  The benefit of the product is only as high as the activated portion. 

2. Pesticides – know what you are ingesting​

  • Look for “none detected” or less than the accepted level that meets specifications.  


​Cannabis has many components, the most commonly know are THC for psychoactive effects “the high” and CBD. 

The State limits each piece to 10mg of THC.

What is Micro-Dosing?

Edibles are considered “micro-dosed” if they have < 5mg of active THC per serving. There are 2 key uses for micro-dosed cannabis edibles…1) the novice recreational user and 2) the medical user closely managing dosing.

A consideration when consuming edibles:   less experienced users can try consuming cannabis edibles with less fear of over-consumption.  A frequent issue with edibles is not knowing how much to consume and the effect on a user.  It is suggested that you start slowly ingesting smaller amounts waiting 90 minutes and adjust upwards based on your desired effect.

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