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Dope Magazine - Milk Chocolate Happy Peanuts: Tasty Treats Ideal for Unwinding

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Test Results: 10mg per piece | 100mg per package

Tested By: Analytical 360 |

Instagram: @waveedibles Website:

Milk Chocolate Happy Peanuts by Wave Edibles

I ate one 10mg THC square of Wave Edibles’ Milk Chocolate Happy Peanuts before embarking on a long walk through the woods and let the confection melt in my mouth for as long as possible. It tasted rich and milky without being overly sweet, and the peanut bits added a welcome crunchy complexity. The aftertaste came with a lingering fragrant note of cannabis — along with the sealed packaging, the only minor giveaway this is anything other than a typical artisan chocolate.

There was never a moment where this edible decisively kicked in, but after an hour and a half I noticed my head and body feeling more relaxed than they had the past few days. This absence of anxiety and knots in my stomach was subtle overall but long-lasting, enabling me to better focus on the present.

Jeffrey Rindskopf January 24, 2019

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